A 2022 Announcement
The Driehaus Fashion Awards
Kendra DeKuiper
Laura Lanzerotte
Maribel Dinwiddie
Marta Cebrat-Czernik
Andrew Cruz
Kelly Long
Nedziba Zukanovic
Wendy Krimins, Vice President & General Manager, Neiman Marcus, Michigan Avenue
Susanna Negovan, Editor-in-Chief, Michigan Avenue magazine
Diego Rocha, Designer, Diego Rocha Handbags

Leah Babette: Inspired by the aura of albinos in Africa which has led to their persecution and entrapment.

Alison Blakely: A collection capturing the remarkable splendor and elegance of tree leaves on a fall evening at sunset.

David Cantù: The pressure to fit in; the high school cheerleader.

Marta Cebrat-Czernik: Symmetrical shapes and colorful, flowing chiffon define this collection.

Kimberly Hanna Cho: Inspired by prestigious colleges and historic library collections that embrace history and tradition.

Andrew Cruz: A warrior entering the afterlife through a world of bioluminescence.

Kendra DeKuiper: Inspired by Albert Camus’s “The Stranger” as it relates to metamorphosis.

Maribel Dinwiddie: Hues of the night that evoke sensual, yet playful moods.

Chloe Flora: Inspired by the shape, structure and radiance of microscopic bioluminescent algae cells.

Laima Gaudinskas: Inspired by gothic architecture and Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” with geometric, hand-woven details and whimsical curved lines.

Agnes Hamerlik: An empowering inspiration of Frida Kahlo, her extraordinary personal style, and the magic of her natural strength and beauty.

Gilda K. Hosseini: A soft and feminine collection featuring multiple layers and intricate couture finishes.

Jordan Jenner: Experiencing music on the daily commute.

Katie Kacic: Inspired by childhood memories of sailing and the connection between nature and humankind.

Laura Lanzerotte: A collection inspired by Frost’s poem "The Road Not Taken" and the search for the right path.

Kelly Long: Shapes – an evening trio inspired by the northern lights.

Julija Lubgane: When architecture meets fashion, edifice is born.

Diana Otarola: An eveningwear collection inspired by French poodles and the classic Parisienne woman.

Nicole Papropsky: A tribute to technological subservience and the creatures of the night who operate within.

Stacie Randall: A religious metamorphosis merging restrictive tradition and freedom of belief.

Rosa Rocha: Collection inspired by “The Phantom of the Opera.”

Cynthia Roman: A collection capturing the essence of metamorphosis in exotic animals.

Lina Sanchez: Origami inspired beachwear collection ready for a sunny Miami, Maui or St. Tropez.

Julia Shirey: Inspired by technology pushing the boundaries of its own capabilities.

Nedziba Zukanovic: Chicago’s iconic sculptures, the Picasso and Calder’s “Flamingo,” inspired this unique trio of bold and edgy tailored looks.