The Driehaus Awards for Fashion Excellence
Rhylea Mortensen & Gabriel Saldana
Jessie Leukuma & Megan Strong
Elena Bobysheva
Amanda Brindley
Caylie O’Patik
Erin VonKannon
Sandra Yau
Elise Bergman, Owner & Designer, Elise Bergman
Julie Gee, Buyer, Macy’s
Marie Whitney, Founder & Creative Director, Two Penny Blue
Maria Acuna: Motivated by the folds and structural shapes created by the Japanese art of origami.
Elena Bobysheva: A fairytale of “the guardian,” a sovereign watching over a world where nature and all creatures live in peace.
Kirstie Breitfuss : Visual interpretation of sound and music through a synthetic approach.
Amanda Brindley: A collection inspired by textures of Hawaii.
Marieta Chapman: The industrial revolution intersecting with the modern technological world, creating simplicity and clarity.
Maribel Dinwiddie: A leather and silk earth-toned collection is a dramatic representation of the hard and soft elements of the designer’s life journey.
Marie Froehlich: A tribute to the glamour of 1930s Hollywood, the homes of Frank Lloyd Wright, and the neon pieces of Dan Flavin.
Adrienne Gantenberg: “Strung Out”: an elegantly anxious experimentation inspired by puppetry and trapeze art.
Hannah Gerhardt: The country farmlands of Iowa inspired this all-white collection.
Elaine Hoang: An isolated universe manifested through distraction, technology, location and time.
Cassidy Holtz: Tailored upholstery with crinoline as a tribute to “The Fall of the House of Usher.”
Alexandra Howard: “Without Wavering”: 1940s simplicity and the strength of the ocean.
Ana L. Leõn: The influence and dialogue of movement.
Jessie Marie: Children’s collection inspired by Shirley Temple and nostalgic winter scenes.
Rhylea Mortensen: Women’s sportswear separates with style and grace.
Caylie O’Patik: “Structured Decay”: exploring natural algorithms, growth patterns and erosion of layers.
Carolyn Renke: Modern, yet ornamental designs attributed to Louis H. Sullivan.
Gabriel Saldana: The influence of Art Deco architecture.
Megan Strong: Unique, interchangeable dresses and skirts inspired by Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Erin VonKannon: Influenced by historical body modification through the galaxy Andromeda.
Emily Woelfel: A collection embracing electronic music, hard geometric lines and a limited color palette.
Austin Yamada: As fantasy augments reality, celebrating the influence of Dior and the modern interpretation of a fashion legend.
Sandra Yau: Exploration of environmental psychology and society’s connection to inhabited spaces.
Jiayin Zheng: Collection inspired by industrialization and traditional hand craftsmanship.
Hayley Zimet: Explorations of reality, dreams and memory based on the film “Waking Life.”