The Driehaus Awards for Fashion Excellence
Kendel Kennedy
Rosa Halpern
Rachael Levine
Blair Watkins
Brittany Rapala
Jasper Drummond
Ka Lok Hui
Kate Pankoke, Owner/Creative Director, Elaya Vaughn Bridal
Lindsay Segal, Co-Owner, Luxury Garage Sale
Alison Siple, Costume Designer
Nionekaly S. Ba: Vibrant colored fabrics with beading and jewelry based on the Fulani culture in West Africa.
Morgan Childers: A menswear collection designed with the body’s limits in mind, calling attention to our human morality, fragility and vulnerability.
Richard A. Coleman III: “Fantasize” is imagined from dark mythical creatures that go bump in the night; an eerie and whimsical beauty with a refined dark edge.
Blair Watkins Disbrow: “The Bones of Firenze” is influenced by the Florence Cathedral (Il Duomo) and its meticulous architecture and luxurious materials.
Laura Dohn: A modern interpretation of the ancient Japanese Venus flower basket tradition, symbolizing “Til Death Do Us Part.”
Jasper Drummond: “Skinned” – Highland warrior meets the underground leather scene with knitwear and fur.
Rebecca Duff: “State of Grey” explores the intangible inner experiences of depression with color and shape.
Rosa Halpern: Inspired by Japanese biker gangs and conceptually exploring loneliness and vulnerability, contrasted by strength, protection and sisterhood.
Christopher Lee Hoffman: To be who you are and not worry about societal pressure; to be true to the expression of yourself.
Ka Lok Hui (Novi): Custom garments created for a family of spies are inspired by Japanese Samurai, and incorporate tradition with a modern fit.
Kendel Kennedy: Connecting the 1950s & 60s to modern day ideas of women and female sexuality using the nuclear family and the “bra burners” as references.
Megan Knape: “Adrift” is inspired by sailing and living near water landscapes, and features photorealistic digital prints and recycled sail cloth.
Rachael Levine: A sporty outerwear collection showcasing the Shibori textile technique using boiled wool to replicate patterns and textures found in nature, creating an edgy animalistic feel.
Rosalba Loredo: lean and edgy evening wear, “A Look into the Future” was inspired by our city lights and our universe.
Meghan Ginger Madden: “Everything Audrey” – A tribute to the styles of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “My Fair Lady,” reinvented for a modern woman.
Leslie “T” McDonald: “Burning Passion” – Igniting the elegance of a woman through blazing designs, sizzling silhouettes and fiery embellishments.
Farida G. Miraki: “Dragon” – Extracting femininity from a rough and dangerous mythical creature.
Nicole Peterson: Blending vintage glamour with dark magic and hints of northern frost.
Brittany Elise Rapala: “Mythology” is inspired by the Greek goddesses Artemis, Athena and Demeter, featuring structured separates with chain and feather detailing.
Alexandra Roueche: A silhouette-focused collection inspired by an African Congo pygmy tribe, including their hunting materials and homes, such as portable living spaces woven from twigs.
Jessica Santos: Fine fabrics and inspiration from the art of origami are transformed into garments that are feminine yet structured for the confident woman.
Amber Stevens: Interpretations of Irish-Scandinavian heritage with Celtic knots and braided hair in a blending of cultures.
Elana Walker: A contemporary take on classic oriental design, creating drama with shapes and structure.
Jessica White: Inspired by a rainy day in Paris, where rain brings life to beautiful roses, and Paris brings people together to fall in love.
Mika Yasukawa: Inspired by traditional Japanese attire evoking how deceptively simple the culture can be.