COVID-19 and A Message from the Driehaus Design Initiative Team
The Driehaus Awards for Fashion Excellence
Kendel Kennedy
Rosa Halpern
Rachael Levine
Blair Watkins
Brittany Rapala
Jasper Drummond
Ka Lok Hui
Kate Pankoke, Owner/Creative Director, Elaya Vaughn Bridal
Lindsay Segal, Co-Owner, Luxury Garage Sale
Alison Siple, Costume Designer

Nionekaly S. Ba: Vibrant colored fabrics with beading and jewelry based on the Fulani culture in West Africa.

Morgan Childers: A menswear collection designed with the body’s limits in mind, calling attention to our human morality, fragility and vulnerability.

Richard A. Coleman III: “Fantasize” is imagined from dark mythical creatures that go bump in the night; an eerie and whimsical beauty with a refined dark edge.

Blair Watkins Disbrow: “The Bones of Firenze” is influenced by the Florence Cathedral (Il Duomo) and its meticulous architecture and luxurious materials.

Laura Dohn: A modern interpretation of the ancient Japanese Venus flower basket tradition, symbolizing “Til Death Do Us Part.”

Jasper Drummond: “Skinned” – Highland warrior meets the underground leather scene with knitwear and fur.

Rebecca Duff: “State of Grey” explores the intangible inner experiences of depression with color and shape.

Rosa Halpern: Inspired by Japanese biker gangs and conceptually exploring loneliness and vulnerability, contrasted by strength, protection and sisterhood.

Christopher Lee Hoffman: To be who you are and not worry about societal pressure; to be true to the expression of yourself.

Ka Lok Hui (Novi): Custom garments created for a family of spies are inspired by Japanese Samurai, and incorporate tradition with a modern fit.

Kendel Kennedy: Connecting the 1950s & 60s to modern day ideas of women and female sexuality using the nuclear family and the “bra burners” as references.

Megan Knape: “Adrift” is inspired by sailing and living near water landscapes, and features photorealistic digital prints and recycled sail cloth.

Rachael Levine: A sporty outerwear collection showcasing the Shibori textile technique using boiled wool to replicate patterns and textures found in nature, creating an edgy animalistic feel.

Rosalba Loredo: lean and edgy evening wear, “A Look into the Future” was inspired by our city lights and our universe.

Meghan Ginger Madden: “Everything Audrey” – A tribute to the styles of Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “My Fair Lady,” reinvented for a modern woman.

Leslie “T” McDonald: “Burning Passion” – Igniting the elegance of a woman through blazing designs, sizzling silhouettes and fiery embellishments.

Farida G. Miraki: “Dragon” – Extracting femininity from a rough and dangerous mythical creature.

Nicole Peterson: Blending vintage glamour with dark magic and hints of northern frost.

Brittany Elise Rapala: “Mythology” is inspired by the Greek goddesses Artemis, Athena and Demeter, featuring structured separates with chain and feather detailing.

Alexandra Roueche: A silhouette-focused collection inspired by an African Congo pygmy tribe, including their hunting materials and homes, such as portable living spaces woven from twigs.

Jessica Santos: Fine fabrics and inspiration from the art of origami are transformed into garments that are feminine yet structured for the confident woman.

Amber Stevens: Interpretations of Irish-Scandinavian heritage with Celtic knots and braided hair in a blending of cultures.

Elana Walker: A contemporary take on classic oriental design, creating drama with shapes and structure.

Jessica White: Inspired by a rainy day in Paris, where rain brings life to beautiful roses, and Paris brings people together to fall in love.

Mika Yasukawa: Inspired by traditional Japanese attire evoking how deceptively simple the culture can be.