A 2021 Announcement
The Driehaus Awards for Fashion Excellence
Liz Bahl
Jennifer Rice
Rebecca Blanton
Kyle Edson
Nora Faye Kiecker
Emma Leppo
Samantha Sipos
Liz Bahl
Deirdre Bormes, Director, Fifth Avenue Club, Saks Fifth Avenue
Azeeza Khan, Designer & Founder, Azeeza
Petra Slinkard, Curator of Costume, Chicago History Museum
Gibeon Tolbert, President, SITTAR by Gibeon Tolbert

Liz Bahl: “Asylum” evokes elements of protection, vulnerability and restraint through clinical grunge.

Rebecca Blanton: Derived from the horrific use of domestic animals for the fur trade to raise awareness.

Dragana Bubić - Munze: A stunning and dramatic costume collection of period pieces transitioning to “Midnight Passion,” the color story of black and gray celebrating new beginnings on a New Year’s Eve.

Carina Chiquito: A tribute to the Spanish matador, “Olé” embodies passion and romance in color and silhouettes.

Gabriela Chiquito: “La Dame en Noir” is a dramatic collection fit for a queen, with fluid shapes and conceptual jewelry.

Erica Danz: A dream-like experience through contrasting elements and materials, and influenced by surrealist artist Magritte.

Nicole Dieschbourg: Inspired by architecture and stained glass windows from churches and mosques, and how lights interact with these spaces.

Brady Drose: “Surveillance: A Collapse” is where streetwear and artwear align to protect the wearer from the constant surveillance of the internet age.

Kyle Edson: Retrofitting my father with garments to protect him while he fights his way through Parkinson’s.

Abigail Harshbarger: Based on the hit fantasy television show “Game of Thrones,” a costume collection with handwork and detailing.

Amy Inman: Influenced by Japanese clothing and Native American prints to create strong wearable separates.

Autumn Kapka: Celebrating life with exuberant brocades, fringe, and quirky colors as a tribute to David Bowie and his music.

Nora Faye Kiecker: Futuristic garments created by using two contrasting elements of texture to achieve balance.

Jamie Lange: A laid back, luxurious, and artful take on winter with furs, crystals, silks, and leathers.

Emma Leppo: Inspired by Coleoptera, and the expression of man as a species of beetles.

Alexandra Lozano: Sculptural, unusual textiles mixed with fine fabrics, and emphasis on contemporary embroidery, hard lines, and repetition of geometric shapes.

Fiona Lynch: “Radiance” consists of conceptual pieces that depict a supernova and the vivid journey from destruction to tranquility.

Leandro Mulet: Contemporary pieces of cotton, silk organza and wool that blur the line between femininity and Avant- Garde for the contemporary woman.

Samantha Petkofski: Space-age meets modern medicine with bright colored spandex and shapes to celebrate the mind.

Jennifer Rice: Scottish rebels and Taus reflecting a passion for the Highlands create “Elrich.”

Victor Romano: Inspired by fashion icons Frida Kahlo and Betty Catroux, combining clean, simple shapes for the chic powerful woman.

Samantha Sipos: “Some Wounds are Like Cages” is inspired by the story of my sister, her highs and lows, as told through my eyes.

Lori Yang: Intricate details and the design aesthetic of Hmong attire, and inspired by the love of rock music.