A 2021 Announcement
The Driehaus Awards for Fashion Excellence
Alante Baugh
Sharrell Smith
Kelsey Kasom
Jennifer Rice
Dana Bitto
Bijoux Zwerling
Colleen Brouillette
Martha Vandemortel
Hayley Hogan
Caryn Klein, Costume Director, Steppenwolf Theatre Company
Kpoene' Kofi-Nicklin, Creative Director, Mignonette Bridal
Wendy Krimins, Vice President & General Manager, Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue
Kristin Larson, Chicago Correspondent, WWD

Alante Baugh: The gothic style reinvented into a more contemporary style.

Dana Bitto: Intertwining elements of 19th century steampunk and the mystery and elegance of Victorian London.

Colleen Brouillette: Inspired by myths of selkies, and the exploration of comfort amidst the discomfort of being torn from one lifestyle towards a place of true belonging.

Emily Cai: Expressing the harmony of Zen Buddhism and Shintoism, the two major religions of Japan.

Binta Sagale Diallo: Versailles-influenced creations representing royalty and power.

Kyle Edson: Looking at the past and toward the future to analyze the South.

Mallory Fifer: A goth-punk aesthetic inspired by a massive thunderstorm with an updated color palette and draping techniques.

Hayley Hogan: Comforting, emotional garments with handmade detailing create a connection to home.

Hsun-Hsien Huang: Fusing the grandeur of the vast landscapes of the lower Antelope Canyons with the unique traits and graceful movements of the condor’s body.

Franshon Jackson: Timeless elegance for the confident and classic bride.

Kelsey Kasom: Hearts are protected by ribs, sealed with flesh, covering inner wounds. Don’t give up, find your light, and take flight.

Victoria King: Clean lines and colors of the ocean, sand and boardwalk reflect the 1950s and Venice Beach.

Tyisha Liddell: A post-apocalyptic collection in muted earth tones with sharp angles.

Alenda Little: Inspired by fog in the city and focusing on unity between hard and soft textiles to mimic the city’s architecture.

Delvin McCray: The corruption of beauty through deconstruction as inspired by Elizabeth Bathory.

Christian Michaelsen: Contemporizing five generations of bridal gowns.

Jennifer Rice: A documentation of my personal spiritual journey through India.

Dulce Santillan: “zr-o” captures the emotions of depression from self-experience and music.

Jacob Shanbrom: Emphasis on accessories because of my journey through a 50-pound weight loss. Because the shoe always fits, especially with the right bag.

Sharrell Smith: Contrasting elements of raw silk and linen combine to express structure, movement and texture.

Savannah Snead: “Welcome Home” is the life story of a Naval pilot’s career from the Academy to his final mission.

Martha Vandemortel: A historical presentation of New York City’s evolving identity through the exploration of maps.

Yvette Velazquez: A tribute to Mexican artist Frida Kahlo and the many facets of her self-identity through colors and shapes.

Hailey Washington: Gordon Matta-Clark inspires the fabric and structure of “Interruption,” mimicking the details of design.

Bianca Zidik: A celebration of the funky sixties and groovy and fab Carnaby Street.

Bijoux Zwerling: “Tabula Rasa,” Latin for blank slate, is an exploration of identity through the use of black, highly textured, and soft fabrics.