The Driehaus Awards for Fashion Excellence
Fraley Le
Lydia Wawrzyniak
Rachel Goldberg
Julie Gee, Macy's
Amy Hannaford, Gucci
Sylwia Wilcyznska, Designer, Sylwia W

Jacky Argus: Art and clothing collide with this avant-garde collection

Victoria Battista: Daywear with fifties inspiration and aprons

Che' Davy: Avant-garde women’s wear representing Scottish royalty

Talia Elinoff: A tribute to the style of the forties with Dick Tracy

Dana Farella: 100% peace silk a seed emerging from the pod

Crystal Anne Gant: A lily and a teacup bridal collection

Lauren Gill: A show stopping expression for Fall and Winter seasons

Rachel Goldberg: Representing the original Cinderella and her dark fairytale

Kimberly Gustafson: A self portrait of chaos with structure

Denise Headrick: "Femme Fatale” rebellious, independent with draping

Amber Johnson: Based on roof top material from Chicago architecture

Katie King: How the first Panda Bear came to America

Fraley Le: Haute Couture inspired by water color paintings

Stephanie Noelle Ledesma: A tribute to the film Repo! the genetic operas

Ariana Magana: Ageless silhouettes of glamour for today’s society

Amanda Mayfield: A contemporary tribute to the legacy of Bonnie Parker

Amanda Pena: Inspired by Cuban clay tiles and fifties architecture

Sara Perez: Hand pleating and soft draping create these silhouettes

Savannah Shreves: ”Wonderland” vibrant colors and bizarre structures

Benji Stearns: Celebrating “Barbarella” in black, white, and clear vinyl

Mireille Temgbait: An architectural trio of daytime fashions

Jackie Turmel: Inspired by Hans Christian Anderson’s “Tommelise”

Lydia Wawrzyniak: Evening gowns with transparent fabrics and detailing

Elizabeth Weidner: Inspired by pirates and consists of separates

LaTonya Williams: Urban, classic, and chic for the everyday women