A 2022 Announcement
The Driehaus Fashion Awards
Lindsay Holeso
Maria Beniaris
Carolyn Ni
Maria Angjeli
B. Van Hoozen
Brianna Neal
Fabio Emmanuel Martin Quintas
Courtney Woodard
Rachel Radulescu
Kpoene' Kofi-Nicklin, Creative Director, Mignonette Bridal
Wendy Krimins, Vice President & General Manager, Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue
Sanja Manakoski, Costume Designer
Mark Roscoe, President, Mark Roscoe Design

Maria Angjeli: Art and architectural details found in Byzantine churches inspired Haute Immense eveningwear collection which evokes beauty and reverence for Byzantine history.

Maria Beniaris: Anaphoric Island is a reflection on Florida summers with her grandmother, mother and sister as they escaped the suburban Midwest. It was a time for celebrating leisure, escaping everyday life and growing together as women.

Keely Cosgriff: A Brush Stroke, A Needle Stitch captures the spirit of Taiwanese artist James Jean with embroidered flowers, decorative stitching, and fabric manipulations.

Amy Diaz-Hablich : Paraíso Tropical celebrates the richness and beauty of tropical South America. Through elaborate hand-sewn beading and embroidery, bold fabrics and colors, one can envision a world of tropical paradise.

Anais Glass: A contemporary streetwear collection, Boundaries, explores how layers create boundaries between our bodies and the world, and draws inspiration from American mangrove forests.

Adreain Guillory: Roots & Rituals celebrates the beauty of repetitive traditions that go unnoticed within cultural communities by breaking stereotypes and bathing in unfamiliarity.

Megan Hickey: Façade evokes illusionary elements of Roman Renaissance and Baroque architecture demonstrating how change in perspective generates curiosity about what is necessary and what is not.

Lindsay Holeso: Equilibrium focuses on sustainability by using natural and recycled fibers and texture to represent bleached coral and is inspired by the 2016 scare of the Great Barrier Reef dying.

Sol Kang: Aging represents the collateral beauty shown in human aging and finding the beauty in the external and inner maturity of a person who changes with time.

Xizheng Liu: A blend of sportswear and streetwear, Self-Identity takes inspiration from the energy and balance of playing basketball, and the ideas of hip-hop which celebrate breaking from conventions and "representing your hood."

Grace Camille Miller: Damien Hirst’s shipwreck exhibition and a recent trip to Venice inspired Swallowed which remembers the fantastical city of Venice, a century from now after it has completely vanished into the Venetian Lagoon due to increasing sea levels.

Brianna Neal: Designed for a 2018 signature African-American doll, DAHL emphasizes African Prints and bold colors, showcasing her fearlessness and passion for her heritage.

Carolyn Ni: Evelyn tells the story of the Phoenix as a tribute to her late grandmother, Evelyn, and highlights the fire and strength in all women.

Diana E. Pérez: Mexico de Noche exhibits the rich culture, art, and fashion for which Mexico is known in an elegant and modern way.

Fabio Emmanuel Martin Quintas: A Girl's World is a feminine approach to utilitarian details, man-made organic architectural shapes, and men's-inspired silhouettes, presented as a capsule collection.

Rachel Radulescu: Motorcycle, cyberpunk, motocross, and goth styles inspired Façade Via Media featuring original creations mixed with refurbished garments. Embellishments give thrifted items a new life with attitude.

Shaquita Reed: Japanese Boro textiles inspired the streetwear collection, Mended, which explores different shades of denim, textiles, and stitch work.

Aja Saverson: Inspired by traditional African garments with a modern twist, Kweenage embraces the beauty of black women. Modern silhouettes and traditional African headpieces remind us that the inner queen must shine on the outside.

Justin Suon: Based on his presently endangered Cambodian cultural heritage, Extinction is a contemporary evolution in menswear, converting traditional costume into fashion by means of paying respect to his people and setting a mark in history.

Maxim Thatcher: Art Deco is a nod to the elegance and modern designs of the 1920s, a decade which has been an inspiration to many, including architects, artists and designers.

B. Van Hoozen: Influenced by the 1970s, Enchanted features functional winter wear with a vintage chic aesthetic inspired by The Netherlands.

Luis Villalon: Aiming to make women feel strong and beautiful, Feminism celebrates 1950s fashions and silhouettes.

Ely Weitzman: The Factory, My Home explores characters that live in a suit factory creating a metaphor for the interjection of his personality into a sterile environment.

Courtney Woodard: Interruptions is inspired by interruptions in art and culture during the 1960s demonstrated through the juxtaposition of bright colors, fabrics, and prints on streamlined silhouettes.