A 2022 Announcement
The Driehaus Fashion Awards
Que Shebley
Laima Gaudinskas
Jessica Fitzgerald
Maggie Burke
Stephanie Foley
Jacqueline Kim
Stacy Portilla
Peach Carr, Owner and Designer, Peach Carr Designs
Tracy Clifford, Founder & Owner, Tracy Clifford Style
Garth Jackson, Global Store Director Michigan Avenue, Louis Vuitton

Jane Arvis: Abnormalities of Nature, Organic and Controlled Elements Provide Silhouettes and Design

Amanda Bauer: Shedding Childhood and Embracing Maturity - Holding onto the Inner Child Who Created You

Maggie Burke: A Process of Collage Inspired by Mutu’s Alien Awe 1 & 2

Osiris Carriche: Club Wear Collection Inspired by The Middle Ages

Anastasia Chmel: Silk Dresses Inspired by “Tipping Point”: A Theory of How Ideas, Trends, and Diseases Spread

Amanda Colegrove: This Collection Represents Me

Andrea Creighton: Growth / Pressure / Response / Control

Tamra Ellington: Picasso Inspired Evening Creations with Darts, Silver Buttons and Gathered Silk Chiffon

Jessica Fitzgerald: Collection Inspired by The Art of Alan McCollum: Draping and Hollywood of the 1930’s

Stephanie Foley: Colors and Textures from The Giant’s Causeway And Elegance From The Aksarben Ball

Bonnie Alayne Fraser: And The Upotion Tale Begins…

Laima Gaudinskas: Impeccable Outerwear Inspired by Cloudy and Misty Cityscapes

Katherine Johnson: Inspired by The Western Zodiac (Scorpio, Cancer, Capricorn)

Jacqueline Kim: Black Silhouettes, Feminine Draping

Amanda Kiphart: An Interpretation of The Deyrolle Taxidermy House through Color and Fabric Textures

Claudia Macias: Collection Inspired by Cirque Du Soleil - Corteo

Nina Nguyen: Daffodil Inspired with Hand Painting and Pleating to Create Shape and Texture

Jessica Penn: Dynamic Qualities of The Coral Sea Brought To Land

T.K. Perry: Cream and Teal Cocktail Dresses with Dimensional Designs

Stacy Portilla: Simple, Symmetrical Dresses with Hand-Knitted Chain and Stud Accents

Cadie Sanchez: All Blackbird Inspired Collection

Que Shebley: A Collection of Gladiator Inspired Men's and Women's Wear

Monica Shuppe: Deep Blue Sea Based on Sea Anemones and Clown Fish for Color and Movement

Lauren Yeager: Inspired by Birds and Victorian Dresses

Nedziba Zukanovic: Cocktail Collection of Early Fall Designs Based on Elizabethan Slashed Dresses