A 2021 Announcement
The Driehaus Awards for Fashion Excellence
Anna Loosli
Carrie McMahon
Verneccia Etienne
Philip Addessi
Franca Deflorio
David Garcia
Quinlan Milne Rojek
Jacquie Wallaert
Quinlan Milne Rojek
Ellie Cotey, Head of Wardrobe, Joffrey Ballet
Wendy Krimins, Vice President & General Manager, Neiman Marcus Michigan Avenue
Mark Roscoe, President, Mark Roscoe Design
Jennifer Worman, CEO, T&J Designs and Blogger, Red Soles and Red Wine

Philip Addessi: Inspired by armor plating on animals found around the world, often copied and utilized in some of the world’s fiercest warriors.

Jacquelyn Braun: Drawing from tribal tattoos, and demonstrating the elegant, bold, and sleek look that a tattoo presents on the body.

Allison Bunag: “Contrast” derives from the paints and images of traditional Chinese wear, to tactfully transform their fashion into contemporary pieces.

Nico Camargo: “Next Human” is a utopian fantasy set 20,000 years in the future where special beings have evolved into a much more advanced and perfect species.

Natalie Castro: Inspired by children’s creativity, joy and unrestrained freedom. For the conformist, genuine, confident, and carefree. A skirt can be a jacket, hat or purse.

Franca Deflorio: “Wild West” bridal collection resembles the folklore of the American frontier during the 19th century. Each piece is a tribute to the West’s diversity of women balancing their romantic and wild natured sides.

Catherine del Valle: "La Vida Es Un Carnaval" is the homage to a woman's fearless immigration from Cuba to Connecticut in the 1960s.

Elizabeth Eaton: Juxtaposition of classic silhouettes with intricate embroidery and daring fabrics.

Verneccia Etienne: "Apotheosis" is the elevation of an individual to divine status; perfect form with inspiration from Haute Couture, Egypt and all its luxury and the Golden Ratio.

Gabrielle Faloona: Glorifying the majesty of a woman through fantasy costumes inspired by classic fairy tales.

Michel’Le Forrest: Celebrating the pivotal role hair plays in the identity of a black woman.

David Garcia: Exploring the dichotomy between masculine and feminine, integrating tailored menswear elements with a clean minimalist design and luxe feminine details.

Sara Jurack: Women's ready-to-wear collection with transformable elements making them versatile and multi-seasonal, and influenced by the sense of hope that emerges after difficult times.

John J. Lenahan IV: Focused on eclectic interior design, molding together a variety of cultures into one amazing juxtaposition.

Alenda Little: A sleek and bold ready-to-wear collection inspired by the poisonous black hellebore plant.

Anna Loosli: Manipulated leather and neoprene, accented with rivets and fur constructions, symbolizing Gothic architecture in fashion.

Carrie McMahon: "Love in the Willow" is an avant-garde bridal collection that illustrates the love story depicted in the "Willow" China pattern through weaving an Irish and Chinese heritage together.

Xavier McMillan: A collection inspired by FIRE!!, an African-American literary magazine, using the spirit of rebellion and creating a visual image of the effects of “being woke,” and focused on challenging the respectability of politics.

Alyson Montemayor: A contemplative collection representing the changes of our country’s political climate, aiming to construct an inclusive identity.

Brianna Neal: “Beautiful Soul” collection reflects a woman with a colorful personality and strong appearance who is never afraid to showcase her culture in a bold and chic way.

Phuong Nguyen: Glamorous 90s inspired clubwear with a hint of California sun.

Diana Elizabeth Perez: “Florence Romance” embodies the engaging street scenery of Florence, the delicacy of women, elegance and feminism.

Melissa Ann Petersen: “City Dweller” focuses on the concept of navigating through new places, while looking beyond a map to see intricate details that make each city unique.

Quinlan Milne Rojek: “Florid” is a collection demonstrating the de-masculinizing of menswear.

Jacquie Wallaert: “Ethereal” is a sustainable concept depicting the beauty of flowers despite their many imperfections, evoking quirky femininity while being entirely constructed of recycled materials.